Judge Teresa Bingham's Beliefs

“A judge is first and foremost a public servant. She practices impartiality, no matter what her personal beliefs. And refuses to legislate from the Bench. Legislation or rule making is best left to another branch of government as our forefathers intended.”

Judge Teresa Bingham

Teresa understands and believes that people want to be heard. All people before the Court want to be able to produce their evidence to a Judge who knows the law, listens impartially, thoughtfully considers all the evidence, and applies the law without prejudice. Judge Bingham has strived to do jus that. She understands that if a person must have contact with the court system, their contact is most often in a Municipal Court Setting or at the Associate Circuit level. As that Associate Judge, Teresa hears cases ranging from guardianship of minor’s and alleged incapacitated adults, to landlord/tenant issues to small claims, to collection matters, to misdemeanor criminal matters from arraignment through sentencing and felonies from arraignment to preliminary hearing to adult abuse actions. This is where listening, compassion, tolerance and respect are most needed

Teresa Believes that a Court needs to serve the people first. Throughout her short time as a Judge, Teresa has shortened court dockets keeping most cases under the state suggested time frame for resolution. She has allowed pro-se (no attorney required) filings in a variety of probate matters; saving people money and time. She understands that not all persons have the same economic abilities, therefore, she has utilized a mixture of techniques in sentencing of criminal matters and collection of court fines and costs. She and the other Judges of the 43rd Judicial Circuit created the Drug Enforcement and Employment Court, thus establishing ways for persons who are charged with certain types of drug or alcohol related crimes and who want and need treatment have the ability to seek that as part of the solution for their alleged crime.