About Judge Teresa Bingham

Teresa brings a diverse background to the judicial bench. She was raised to believe that hard work and perseverance help you reach the goals you set. She acknowledges that there are many people who assisted her in attaining her goals: parents, family. mentors, teachers, and many others along the way. These same people taught her that no one is any better than anyone else, and that you “give back” and help others.

So, in addition to practicing law, Teresa has served as a CCRIII School Board member, City Alderman, Girl Scout Leader, a Science Olympiad coach and Youth Group leader. She is a member the United Methodist Church. Her husband, Zephry, is a Pastor at two smaller Methodist Churches.

Her husband grew up in a small Texas town and wished to have the same atmosphere for his family. So when an opportunity arose to become a member of a smaller community they moved to Plattsburg. They still remain in the Plattsburg community although their children, Christina and Will, are moving on.

In 2014, Teresa had the honor of being elected as the first woman Associate Circuit Judge of Clinton County. She is still the only woman judge in 43rd Judicial Circuit which consists of five counties with seven judges. Teresa began her career practicing in a general-practice firm and being a municipal prosecutor. She then moved on to serving others as a lawyer with the Jackson County Public Administrator’s office and then for the line workers of the UAW as an attorney with the UAW Legal Services Plan.

Teresa’s unique background and experiences have instilled a sense of fairness and desire for ALL to be heard by someone who is impartial. She is a judge who makes a decision based on the law and facts presented, not based on her personal beliefs.

A judge is a public servant first. Teresa understands that people want to be heard. She believes all persons, no matter their circumstances, should be treated equally and with fairness, dignity and respect.